TPR Foundation (aka RADDI – Paper Scrap) collects old newspapers, commonly referred as ‘Raddi’ (paper scrap), and sell them, and use the proceeds for social work.


We collect paper scrap (raddi) from people.


Then we sell the collected scrap to vendors.


Use the proceeds for social work.

19K+ Kg

Scrap Collected


Smiles Created






What our society is saying about us?

What the paper revolution is doing would be remarkable by itself but it reaches far greater heights because it involves people at a very young age and sensitizes them to problems that, unfortunately, even some adults are unaware about. Working at grassroots level where the youth provides for children in the primary school is commendable. My support to the paper revolution will never cease.

Munira Lokhandwal (IIM C, US CFA)

TPR Foundation initially aka Raddi-Paper Scrap is a social service group started by few college students. The aim is to work for the society. As slowly and gradually the number of group members increased the good deeds of the group also rised; which include social activites like distributing stationery to children, blankets to poor people and education to all. The presence of such social groups in the society is very important for the uplifment and development of our society. As the young minds are going to be the future of our country.

-Adesh Chedda, Student

TPR Foundation is a group filled by young energy who works for the development of needy and creates a sense of responsibility within the society towards such people.
Rise of such groups should be welcomed and encouraged because solely depending upon Government won't lead to upliftment of backward people. We all should join hands with them and contribute for the betterment of people.

Ayush Gandhi TPRF

-Ayush Gandhi, Student

Thanks to all of you who have understood the importance and responsibility of academic health of the rearmost section of the society and have adhered to this responsibility by your efforts. Hope so your social commitment inspires others.
All the best!

-Mr. Sanjay Dhiwar

Let’s contribute a bit

for betterment of the society.

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